Male Services

Man runningMen need health care options too. With 35 years of reproductive health care experience and a confidential male-friendly atmosphere, we offer the preferred option for many men, whether they are the partners or spouses of our patients or not.

Edgerton provides the following services to all men:

  • Sexually transmitted infection testing for crabs, chlamydia, gonorrhea, Hepatitis B, herpes, HIV, HPV (warts) and syphilis
  • Treatment and/or referral for all STD's
  • Birth control information and supplies including condoms, the pill, Depo shot, IUD, the patch, the ring, Emergency Contraceptive Pills, tubal ligation and abstinence.
  • Printed information and instruction on male sexual health including self testicular exams, prostate cancer, circumcision and vasectomy.

These confidential services are provided to all men. Please call our office at 563.359.6633 to schedule an appointment.

Payment options include private insurance, Medicaid and cash. Charges are adjusted for personal income level with flexible payment options. The center accepts all Iowa and Illinois Medicaid patients.