Edgerton Women's Health building in Davenport, Iowa


40 years of delivering babies. 40,000 patients,
25,000 babies, and counting. . .
And we can claim more on-site services than
most Quad City prenatal providers.

We offer the following services to our patients to
meet both medical and social needs:

Physician and Midwife Care

Flexible scheduling

  • 6 -10 weeks: appointment for medical and pregnancy history.
  • 12 -14 weeks: first complete exam

(heartbeat can usually be heard at this appointment)

  • 12 - 30 weeks: appointments every 4 - 5 weeks

Routine screening ultrasound will be done at 20 - 22 weeks
(may or may not be able to visualize baby's sex)

  • 30 - 36 weeks: appointments every 2 weeks
  • 36 - birth (approximately 40 weeks): appointments every week

High risk patients or those with special concerns will be seen
as often as necessary.

Screening for diabetes, birth defects, hypertension, Group B strep,
Rh factor, anemia, rubella

Non-Stress Testing
To monitor fetal well-being, as needed

On-Site Ultrasound
State-of-the-art ultrasound technology, including 4-D imaging is available to provide our patients with the best images of their babies. All exams are performed by a registered sonographer. If desired, sex of the baby may be determined at the 20-22 week screening exam, with the baby's cooperation!

On-Site W.I.C. Clinic
For program sign-up and professional nutritional consultation. More information at W.I.C.

High Risk Prenatal Care
With referrals to University of Iowa Hospitals or St. Francis Hospital in Peoria for consultation.

Social Service Needs
Information on financial assistance, housing, baby items, infant care, transportation.

Screening for community resources needs. Attention to pregnancy related issues including relationships, depression/anxiety. Postpartum home visits. Postpartum depression screening.

Dental Education
Each patient can access this service to receive information about dental health for themselves and their baby.

Nutritional Counseling
Screening for any patient with nutritional issues and concerns is available with a registered dietician from our W.I.C. program. Patients do not need to be enrolled in W.I.C. to receive these services.

Breastfeeding Education / Support
Edgerton encourages initiation and increased duration of breastfeeding through the promotion and support of successful breastfeeding practices. Our staff work closely with W.I.C. lactation consultants to incorporate this policy into all aspects of our prenatal services. Additionally, a breastfeeding section is taught in our childbirth classes.